Everyday personal training for our own health.

What keep u, me or u all on whole world to wake up and run, bike train in -17*C or lower. Or in normal day/hot day when there is +30*C. Each of us has his own life style,endurance, strength, condition, power, speed and self-esteem. We know how much we can afford and we can push the limits of our persistence with each training. When we strengthen ourselves after each physical effort, so-called regeneration comes with help or recovery. Every one got problems but we all unite when there is a way to train ourself for ourself, it’s a little paradox if someone look at it. Every day activity make us stronger right? yes but its is our personal win every day that keep us stronger day by day :). Some pass us day by day like i mentioned before but they don’t know that we don’t do it for stats(not all of them). We do it for are own health that depends of our hard work.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Best regards Adrian

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